Jimmie Deeghan


Jimmie Deeghan is a bridge writer. Not the breathless pause between a verse and chorus, but the type of songwriter that can easily traverse genres infusing his work with influences that range from pop and punk, to hip hop, rock, and country.

“It’s an exciting time for music because people are writing with new ideas and breaking molds and genres,” Deeghan explained. “They are crossing lines and that is what gave me a place in country music.”

Born in Eaton Rapids, Mich., Deegan grew up listening to punk rock music and going to Warped Tour and wanting nothing more than to be able to do what they were doing. Years later, he was there with his pop, punk band Every Avenue.

Deeghan, who started playing guitar in fifth grade, ended up releasing three full-length records with Fearless Records and touring the globe with Every Avenue before shifting gears and moving to Nashville to pursue a career as a songwriter.

“I moved to Nashville because I love stories and I love songwriting,” Deeghan said. “I want to do something that makes someone say, ‘Damn, that was cool. That’s something I’ve never heard.’ I want to make someone hit rewind.”

While honing his craft, Deeghan first took a job as a guitar tech with Thompson Square before being offered the same gig with then opening act Florida Georgia Line. He joined the FGL band and also toured with Ryan Hurd before being named band leader for musical maverick Kane Brown.

Playing some of the biggest arenas in the country and touring nonstop has had a meaningful impact on his songwriting.

“It gives me an inside look at how a crowd reacts to a song and how certain topics hit people harder than others,” he said. “It’s cool to watch and see – especially artists that are successful – how a song gets that big. It’s a fine line and balance that makes a song like that – one that people can react to and still be one that you feel is new and different.”

Being a musician has also instilled in him a permanently ingrained appreciation for collaboration, which he brings into his frequent writes.

Since he started playing, he always preferred being part of a band to the life of a solitary player. And he brings that openness to everything he does. It makes him appear fearless because nothing is off limits as long as it originates with something real.

It clearly works for him with a song on Ryan Hurd’s upcoming record and another cut coming out on a record from duo Walker McGuire.

Deeghan has the swagger of someone who built their confidence on stage, but the common sense to not take himself too seriously. There is a palpable energy that surrounds him, but at the same time, he has an unwavering focus on the truth. He strikes everyone he meets as an “all-in” guy. Nothing half-way. Nothing half baked. Nothing left unsaid.

And it was that honesty and authenticity that lead him to MV2 Entertainment, where he was signed to a roster of songwriters and artists that includes hitmakers Thomas Archer, Clay Mills, and Terry McBride.


And like the writers who inspire him, Deeghan isn’t afraid to tell the truth, to get raw, and mine the full breadth of his experience for a greater purpose and a better song.


Not one to be constrained by convention, you will never hear that two diverse musical ideas can’t coexist in Deeghan’s songbook. Just follow the bridge.


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